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With two in three Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70 (Cancer Council Australia), it is important to regularly have your moles and lesions checked by a skin cancer Doctor.
At GP PLUS HealthCare,  we check individual moles and lesions thoroughly and record for future monitoring. We will discuss treatment options with you. If a surgical procedure is required, we are able to perform the surgery in our well- equipped clinic.



Dr Moh Ehsani chats with “radio chemist” Ken Lyons about skin cancer prevention on 94.1 3WBC.

Listen to the conversation below.


A comprehensive SKIN CANCER CHECK – a snapshot.

The video shows what you can expect when you have a skin cancer check at our clinic.


Dr Moh Ehsani MD, FRACGP, Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine & Surgery (SCCA), Diploma of Dermoscopy (SCCA), Certified Dermoscopist

Dr Moh is a specialist general practitioner and has a special interest in skin cancer medicine and surgery.

He is a certified dermoscopist with the Skin Cancer College Australasia and has completed significant additional study, passed rigorous assessment and have proven skills in the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin cancer.


Please allow a minimum of 40 minutes for a full body skin check. All moles will be checked during the session using a hand-held magnification device. Dr Moh will also take photos during this session both for future follow up and treatment planning and discussion with you. Each lesion will be assessed in the context of your whole body as well as its individual features to maximise the chance of finding very early skin cancers. You will receive personalised treatment planning after this session.
If a small procedure or treatment is required, Dr Moh will endeavour to have it done during the same consultation. A separate appointment will need to be booked for more complex procedures.

If you are worried about one particular mole or lesion on your body, you can make a short appointment and Dr Moh will check that lesion for you. This normally proves to be very helpful in finding and managing skin cancers.

We will record photographs of your skin. These can be used for comparison in future consultations.

Dr Moh can assist with all sorts of procedures at our well-equipped clinic, ranging from a simple biopsy of a lesion to diagnose the exact nature of the lesion to more comprehensive surgeries to remove larger skin cancers. All procedures will be discussed with patients and Dr Moh will explain the detailed management and treatment plan with you.

You will know better than anyone else if something on your skin is Sore, Changing, Abnormal or New.

Here is a simple guide to help you recognise the early signs of skin cancer.

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